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Education Promoters’ Society - An introduction

Education sector is based on four components- Students, Parents, Teachers & Managements. The most important component of the sector is formed by parents as they provide students & finance, two important resources to run the sector. Parents are the most disorganized group. Hence no one cares about concerns of parents. The purpose of Education Promoters’ Society is to bring together Students, Parents, Teachers & Managements for better understanding among them. Our special emphasis is to include parents so that they get a platform to share their issues.

Dr. Layeequr Rahman Khan (President) Mohan Kulkarni Sir (Vice President), Dr. Afzal Noor Khan (Secretary), Dr. Atharuddin Quadri Sir (Joint Secretary), Mudassir Husain (Treasurer) Dr. Mohan Tadlimbkar (Joint Treasurer), Dr. Abdul Waheed Siddiqui, Dr. Rajeshwar Khiste, Dr. Mustafa Azhar Khan, Karim Ahmad Baig Sir, & (Executive Committee members) are founder members of the Society.

Our prime objective is to ensure that RTE Act is implemented in letter & spirit so that education to all becomes a reality. We will see to it that commercialization of education from KG to PG is prevented. We will make efforts to include & keep moral/value education as part of curriculum as to develop responsible human beings which become asset to nation & the humanity. For this purpose we will take help of experts to educate parents & teachers on grooming of children. We will arouse public awareness about educational rights e.g. Right of a child to get education in his mother tongue (if parents desire), scholarships, etc. We will hold seminars, debates & competitions to improve standards of education. We will start study centers & libraries for poor students.

Anyone having issue related to education, wants to be member of society or work with us can contact us on 8983051130 or meet at the office situated near Harsul Bridge, Jalgaon Road, Aurangabad on any working day between 6 to 7 pm.